Skomakarstans' Bed and Breakfast is situated on Storängsgatan 15a in Örebro.

By train

If you don't feel like taking a taxi, follow the instructions below.

Örebro South railway station - nearby

If you go by train and it stops on Södra station (Örebro Södra), get off there and take a 10-15 minutes walk.

  1. Go straight ahead from the station building
  2. Follow Änggatan up the small hill, pass Drottninggatan and keep walking
  3. After you have passed a small grocery store "Coop nära" in a corner, turn right on the walk just before the soccer field
  4. Pass the school "Sveaskolan" and the house with pillars and you will arrive at Storängsgatan and Skomakarstan's Bed & Breakfast

Örebro Central Railway station - the Travel Centre

Get off the train at Örebro central station (Örebro resecentrum) and take the city bus no. 6 towards Tybble. Du You can also take a bus or walk to Örebro castle (slottet) to take bus no. 5 towards Adolfsberg.

Or you can take a walk for approximately half an hour. Go from the station building up to Storgatan, turn right there and walk for about 15-20 minutes until you reach Änggatan. Then turn left and follow the instructions above (starting at the third step).

By city bus

You will find departure times on the website of Örebro Länstrafik

No. 6 towards Tybble

  1. Get off at the stop Sveaparken
  2. Walk back a few yards and turn left just behind the soccer field
  3. Pass the school "Sveaskolan" and the house with pillars and you will arrive at Storängsgatan and Skomakarstans Bed & Breakfast

No. 5 towards Adolfsberg

  1. Get off at the stop Sveaparken and follow the instructions above, or go on to the next stop and get off at Södra Allén.
  2. Go to the right (following the direction of the bus)
  3. Turn left after one block, keep walking next to the house with pillars and you will arrive at Storängsgatan and Skomakarstans Bed & Breakfast

By car

We have free parking space in the garden for two cars. You can reserve a space when booking the room. Or you can park for a low cost in the streets in the neighbourhood around Skomakarstans Bed & Breakfast.

From Stockholm (E18/E20) or Falun (road no. 50)

If you are travelling in the direction from Stockholm, turn off at the first exit in Örebro (Örebro norra towards Falun and Gävle) and join the road from Falun and Gävle towards the city centre.

  1. Drive straight ahead passing the water tower Svampen and the central railway station. Keep on until you have passed Örebro södra railway station. Then take the exit to the right (towards Gustavsvik)
  2. Drive straight ahed in the roundabout (towards Norrköping)
  3. Turn left just before the railway (towards Södermalm V)
  4. Immediately turn left again
  5. Turn the first right - you now are on Storängsgatan and you will find Gula Huset to the right at the far end of the street

From Gothenburg or Oslo (E18/E20)

Turn towards "Centrum söder" and follow the signs towards Norrköping through two roundabouts. After that, follow the instructions above (starting at the third step)

Malin & Yngve Adsten, Skomakarstans Bed & Breakfast
Storängsgatan 15A, 702 25 Örebro | skomakarstansbnb@gmail.com | 070‑719 93 63

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